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Working in a handmade way with authentic earthy materials such as brass and copper, which sometimes we oxidize or tinplate, with embedded pieces of glass or handmade glass beads that we make ourselves, we create handmade interior lighting featuring your space, unique pieces that carry our signature.

All our lighting items have been specially processed, so they do not alter over time.

The materials we use (cables, switches, lamp holder) are of excellent quality certified as "CE" of European Union.  The lamp holder are metal which can receive electronic lamp (economy), incandescent or of led technology, E-27 or E-14 depending on the construction.  These lamps are not included in the package.  The bases of table and floor lamps are handmade sand cast bronze.

Upon customer request, the lampholder can be replaced with G-9, if the particular model can support it.  Besides, the dimensions of the light, the material used and the colors in beads can change.

In addition, a design applied on a hanging lamp can also be used for a floor lamp, wall or table lamp, and vice versa.  Generally speaking, we can design it with you and create a unique lamp for you, depending on your needs and preferences.

If  you require more than just a lamp , in otherwords if you want a work of art to "illuminate" your space, do not hesitate to contact us.


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